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Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a staggering number of deaths across the world. As a result, U.S. citizens have experienced shortages on products that usually line the shelves. Heavy-duty, leak-proof body bags designed specifically to transport the deceased have become as scarce as hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Local mortuary and body retrieval companies approached SVP when they began experiencing shortages of body bags due to massive disruptions in the global supply chain and were not able to meet demand. Specialists in the body retrieval and mortuary industry consulted SVP on designs and solutions to problems they face everyday. SVP, a company that specializes in protective sports venue padding, immediately pivoted manufacturing to produce body bags and mega movers, addressing the need for these specialty vinyl products. Already well-stocked with components and supplies, SVP was more than capable of meeting the demand from its manufacturing facility based in Cerritos, California (U.S.). 


SVP is a U.S. based vinyl and foam product company that specializes in designing, manufacturing, and installing vinyl covered protective padding and mats for standard and difficult to cover areas of physical activity. Find out more about Select Vinyl Product's sister company by visiting SportsVenuePadding.com.


SVP pads walls, floors, rails, doors, posts, gates, and custom items such as camera wells, scissor lifts, tunnels, unique machinery and equipment, and television and motion picture props. SVP products are designed for professional ball clubs, stadiums, colleges and universities, fitness centers, city and municipal parks and recreational fields, gymnasiums, hospitals, therapy rooms, animal rehab facilities, and the motion picture and television industry. Discover more by using the following link: SVP

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Non-porous Body Bags are used for the storage and transportation the deceased from the place of discovery to funeral homes, mortuaries, military bases, hospitals, morgues, or coroner's/medical examiner's offices for autopsies and forensic examinations. They are also used for the storage of corpses within morgues or for temporary burials in combat zones. They are leak-proof to contain biological fluids that may be released post mortem. An identification tag is attached to the body or the bag, depending upon the circumstances. 


Body Bags and Mega Movers/Transfer Sheets are not designed to be washed and re-used.  They are routinely discarded or incinerated after one use. Re-use of Body Bags and Transfer Sheets could easily contaminate evidence in the case of a suspicious death, even after they have been cleaned.  The forensic evidence left behind on the corpse, often times becomes the silent witness against those who commit the most heinous of crimes. 

There are procedures for removing the deceased. Mega Movers, Cots, or Transfer Sheets are used at the first point of contact to transfer the corpse into the Body Bag