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Deceased Transport Supplies


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Transportation for Human Remains

Postmortem Transport Bags

Mega Movers | Portable Disposable Cots

Durable features

Heavy-duty, heat sealed leak-proof, rip-resistant construction

Ease of removal and transport

No need for double bagging or sheet wrapping.

Each bag comes with a strong disposable mega mover/cot/slider

Identity tag included with every bag

Chlorine free and safe for cremation

Dual zipper

Opens at either end


Woven handles

Sewn & 1.25" Heat-sealed

Leak-proof construction

Heavy-weight bags

each with rip-resistant

mega over cots


Non-porous Body Bags are used for the storage and transportation the deceased from the place of discovery to funeral homes, mortuaries, military bases, hospitals, morgues, or coroner's/medical examiner's offices for autopsies and forensic examinations. They are also used for the storage of corpses within morgues or for temporary burials in combat zones. They are leak-proof to contain biological fluids that may be released post mortem. An identification tag is attached to the body or the bag, depending upon the circumstances. 


Body Bags and Mega Movers/Transfer Sheets are not designed to be washed and re-used.  They are routinely discarded or incinerated after one use. Re-use of Body Bags and Transfer Sheets could easily contaminate evidence in the case of a suspicious death, even after they have been cleaned.  The forensic evidence left behind on the corpse, often times becomes the silent witness against those who commit the most heinous of crimes. 

There are procedures for removing the deceased. Mega Movers, Cots, or Transfer Sheets are used at the first point of contact to transfer the corpse into the Body Bag

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